Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Kidzone Boot Camp - The Cross

I'm sure we all take back something special whenever we return from camps. If not, it'll be just a waste of time (as well as a precious waste of funds). Put all the campers in one room and we'll all give different answers as to what we learnt. And of course, I have mine.

Besides learning I can knock nails using both hands (I'm ambidextrous!) and how to look like a little brown nut (just run around the beach chasing kids), this camp served one significant purpose - it was a Reminder.

A reminder of what?

Basically, the whole camp was a replicate of NSt's youth camp last year. In a way, I was reminded of what I've learnt last year and whatever promise I made to God. It has almost been a year since then and many events have happened. For good or for bad, for better or for worse.

We all need little reminders in life. Why, that's probably the reason why we get so annoyed when our organisers are deleted. When storms in our life tends to overwhelm us, we may forget whatever we've learnt and the time we've spent with God. And I admit, that was so with me. So the camp was timely and I know it's a way for God to remind me to take up my cross and follow Him daily. Many events have gone by this past year and some have almost made me give up carrying it. Yet seeing the campers carrying those wooden crosses around just reminds me that I made a promise to God that I'll carry it, heavy it may be. It's the invisible cross that count.

I thank God for Him being with me thus far and though at times I feel like giving up, He never gave up on me. And time and time again I'm reminded of His love for me and His plan in my life. And this camp is certainly a confirmation from God that He'll see me through the journey.

To sum it up neatly, it's all about the people, not the programme and ultimately only about one Person.

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