Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Dream Once Upon A Time (Part 4 ~ Finale)

That was my last entry in my diary. Well, I can’t write much without my right hand.


The atmosphere was electric. Critics have applauded this amazing and profound musical that has been making its debut around the world.

“A true masterpiece about the heartaches we all go through and the beauty of the human spirit.” Music Monthly

“The genius behind it must be applauded for reminding us that life is a journey, not a destination.” Society of the Disabled

‘Truly astounding! It brought tears to my eyes.” Professor Brown, University of Performing Arts, India.

“And now, presenting the director, composer and script writer of this musical, Madam Phoebe Jehu”.

I walked up the stage, thanked the master of ceremony and paused while looking at my audience.

“The fact that I can even stand here, receiving your applauses is a miracle on its own. 13 years ago, a girl who lost her dream would never imagine that it would be realised in a totally different way. She wanted her music to give hope to those who would listen. But life thought differently. Now, I can stand before you saying that yes, I lost much but I had not lost all.

It was my dream that kept me going. You have to have a dream or you go nowhere.”

Written by Tuen Tze Quan

Copyright reserved


Anonymous said...

indeed! "if you don't have a dream, you'll go nowhere" by Kofi Adnan. I wrote an essay competition based this quote before.

Tze Quan said...

Haha... I just realised you left a comment here... Well... It was the same competition... =)