Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Dream Once Upon A Time (Part 2)

Wiping my tears on the back of my hand, I open the book and read page one.

8 January 2005

Dear diary,

Why is it teachers always give such typical essays on the first English essay? Today’s one was ‘What Your Ambition is’. Ever since I was young, I wanted to be a pianist. I remember when I was still a small girl; I would tell everyone that I will be the greatest pianist the world has ever seen! Now that I am older, I laugh to think I got angry when Auntie Hattie patted me on my head. Normally, ambitions tend to fade as age matures us but in my case, it only gleamed brighter.

26 April 2005

Dear diary,

Sorry for neglecting you for soooooooo many months! I found you under my bed just yesterday and you’re so dirty! But you’ll forgive me right dear? I promise to write more often. After all, I’m now 12. That means I’m a big girl now. =)

27 April 2005

Dear diary,

This sounds funny and probably it is a bad way to start writing to you again but I have to write it down. Something strange happened to me today. I was in my PE lesson when suddenly; my arms began to hurt badly. My teacher told that it was just a cramp. I hope she is right.

22 May 2005

Dear diary,

Mummy and daddy have decided to bring me to the clinic for a check up tomorrow. Ever since I felt pain in my arms, I have been feeling very tired nowadays. All I want to do is just sleep. I am hungry but I have no appetite for food. What is wrong with me?

24 May 2005

Dear diary,

The doctor at the clinic wanted to take a blood sample from me. Well, that’s weird. The needle hurt but I am 12 and don’t cry at the sight of needles. The minute I return home, I rushed to the piano to practice. I have another exam coming up. It will be my grade 4 exam. I want to do well in it. After all, it wouldn’t look good for the greatest pianist in the world to fail her grade 4, right?

22 June 2005

Dear diary,

I feel very troubled. Something terrible has happened. Mom keeps crying all the time. What is wrong with her? She told me that I will have to go for more tests. What tests? Piano tests? But it’s called exams and it’s in August. What is she talking about?

Written by Tuen Tze Quan

Copyright reserved

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