Friday, December 31, 2010

Dedicated to You, Yes, You

Yeah, it’s the end of the year again and considering one of my New Year’s resolution is to blog more frequently, I should start now and make good on it.

2010 has been one crazy year for me. It has been full of ups and downs, twists and turns but looking back, it happened the way it did for a reason.

I could write this whole post about the amazing things which have happened this year. God has really been so good to me, although I know I do not deserve it at all. But as I was thinking for the whole night, what made 2010 special was all the people God brought into my life. There were new ones, there were old ones, there were old ones made new and new ones made old. It’s pretty lengthy, so do look for your name in here. For all of you who walked into my heart this year and left footprints, this is for you.

5 Budians ‘09

We’ve left school a year ago but to me, you were always, always close to my heart. I’ve never had such amazing classmates who’ve became such dear friends to me at the same time. I’ve really missed all of you and for all the times we had together. And I’m so glad that whenever we get to meet up, it feels as comfortable as always. With you guys, I could let my guard down and just be who I am. Thank you for reminding me who Tze Quan is. =) Thank you for reminding me not to change because I am loved just the way I am. I am forever grateful that no matter what happened throughout the year as we went our separate ways, we could always come back and it would be like we never left. ‘Not everyone is prominent, but everyone is significant’. With you all, I knew I counted for something and that I had a group of people who will always be there for me. Thank you Sam, Puteri, Hui Ting, Sarah-Ann, Sarah Liau, Pei Qi, Jian Shen, Aaron, De Ming, Nick, Ling Ben, Syn, Suba, Yan Chi and everyone of you 5 Budians who were there for me when I needed reminding of who I am. And Sarah-Ann, I appreciate every one of your long texts you sent me during NS. =)

Freak and Ass

I told you two before that if my year was made into a TV series, you two would probably only make guest star appearances despite the huge role you’ve played in my year. Thank you for always, always being my sisters to laugh with me and lend me your shoulders when I needed a cry. Being with you two again reminded me of who I was, that I didn’t need anyone else to make me feel like I matter. I had the both of you to double the joy and half the sorrow. I miss you two very very much but I am eternally thankful that even though we’re apart, we’re never really apart. After all, true friendship is not about being inseparable, it’s about being separated but nothing changes. We’ll prove those who say that high school friendship ends in college wrong. I may not have biological sisters, but I have you and that’s the very best God has given me. I hope we’ll last and that I was and will be a rock for both of you to rely on as well. I love you two very much. =)

NS friends

T.R.A.G. =) I always thank God for NS because I met you three, proving that when He sends us to a test, He also gives us the means to ace it. I had the three of you to keep me accountable and, ‘It well may be that we will never meet again in this lifetime, so let me say before we part, so much of me, is what I learned from you, you’ll be with me, like a handprint on my heart’. De Ming you deserve special mention because you were here too. =) It would’ve been even harder without your wisdom handling all those company disunity problems. Selva you too. Thank you for helping me to cope with it during NS. I’m glad we had NS because I finally got to know you. I’m very touched and I’ll do my very best to live up to your expectations. I won’t let you down! ZHENG LING! WOMAN! Good thing we didn’t break the bed with you hopping on it every night to talk, talk, talk until we oversleep the next morning and can’t get up for PT. I got to learn just how amazing you are and no regrets going NS at all because how else would I have found someone like you? =) Kieran, Emman, Chong, Kah Fong, Sabob, Soon, Baby Soon ( =P ), Tall Shaun, Short Sean, Black Nic, White Nic (HAHAHAHAHAHA), Tommy, Silas and everyone else from CF too. And my dormmates! Who says race is a boundary? RUBBISH. BOSS! Ni utk u. Bila I dengar balik penjelasan u pasal baju pt u yg basah, selalu tergelak cam org giler ajer. =P Dengar lagu kantoi pun camtu. Aduh la boss. =P Bangga I tau bila u kata I kawan cina u yg pertama. I rindu u sgt sgt sgt dan I janji takkan lupa u sampai bila-bila. Kalau dtg sini telefon tau?

Form 6 =)

You all showed me that you don’t need years to have such chemistry and rich friendships. It can happen anywhere, anytime and in no time at all. Though I only had the opportunity to be with you all for a short month and a half, I already gained so much from all of you. Shiels, from the very first day I sat behind you, we knew we were going to be friends. It doesn’t only happen in books! Soo Yin, I admire your sporting-ness and your initiative. Plus I like the way you talk. HAHA! Xiao Xi, for your forth willingness to share your life story and the reason behind the dream of being a doctor, thank you. Wei Wen you blur blur girl. =) But when we’re all together, there’s always laughter with you around. OON-HUI! We go waaaay back la woman. I know you’ll do great in Form 6. I never told you this before but I have always admired how reliable and trustworthy you are. DREE! To go back to the place where so many joyous memories are stored with one of my bestest friends in the world is just one of God’s miracles. =) MING RUI MING RUI MING RUI!!! You are undoubtedly one of the people I thank God the MOST for. Although we could only stay awhile, we both know there’s going to be a special bond between us, didn’t we? =) Thank you for the calls when we were both in new worlds and starting over AGAIN. Facebook predicted so let’s see it through ya hamster? Aaron! Gosh I miss you walking me home. Can you teach more guys to be gentlemen? The books very heavy lo... HAHA! Robyn a.k.a Penguin, thank you for giving me much laughter. I still can’t dance Sorry Sorry so that one you’ll probably have to teach me again yeh. =P I thank God I got to see you during the Worship Conference too. And you’re right, it reminded me too that I must treasure the friendship we have. Adrian, gosh, I’ve known you years. Haha! I’m glad we got to be proper classmates, if only for a little while. All the best you guys for STPM next year and Ming Rui for matric. We all get our 4A’s and do whatever we dream of doing, aite? =)

Church buddies

We all Budak Gereja kan? (Jon, Hanrick, this means church kiddos aite? =P ) Nicole, you are without question my longest and closest friend I have in church. For the times you called me while I was in NS, thank you. It meant very much to me to know I was still part of NSt even though physically I wasn’t ablt to be there. I always got your back, any time, in anything because I know you’ll be there for me as well. Kate, I hope next year will be a much better one because we have a lot to talk about, don’t we? Thank you for listening to that looooong story and you too, know that I’ll always be here to listen and I’ll never judge you for your decision. Rachel Rose! Thank you for taking over cell so willingly and so wonderfully. You are AWESOME woman. Plus, you actually dreamt I got the scholarship which was very very amazing. It’s a pity you had to leave for Tronoh just as we were getting to know each other better but I’m very happy and proud of you for your scholarship. =) Zara! I've watch you grow by leaps and bounds. I'm very proud of you. Debbie, you too. Thank you for really rising up and taking the challenge. You've been a tremendous blessing to me. For all my cell girls, again and again you inspire me to keep the faith and keep running the race. =) Aaron! My best friend! HAHA! For all the laughter and the tummy aches you gave me from it. And I’m very sorry about the water balloon. HAHAHAHA! You have been an amazing friend to me, and you were always there to listen when I needed to unload. And cheer me up because you always make me realise that there’s more to enjoy about life when there’re tears in my eyes because of laughter instead of sadness. =) Jon! You too! Your company is such a comfort to me, all the time. I really love your spirit and how you’re always so positive. It makes me optimistic as well. I’m looking forward to us jamming soon. Thank you for being there for me too. I’ll treasure the moments we have left before you fly off. Hanrick, partner in crime? Haha! Thank you for understanding and it was good to have someone to share the dilemma with. You still owe me badass yo. I’ll be coming Couz more often next year. So save a seat for me ya? LEO! It’s been awesome serving with you, working with the album, being on for worship for main service. Just well, go easy on the potpourri next time ok? =) CALEB YOU MIA FELLA! You know I think you’re an amazing musician and jamming with you is always, always, always a joy. I learn a lot from you in the band and you’re another one of those people who will always put me in a good mood, no matter what. Shen! My sifu, thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve alongside you. Please teach me jazz chords. =) Keith kor, thank you for your wisdom and the advice. Thank you for looking out for me too. =) You’re always someone I look up to. Ivan, thank you. For all the leaders and for Ps Dan and Auntie Ann, thank you for guiding me and being a part of a family I am so privileged to be in. All of you remind me that being in the family of God is the greatest gift He gave us. The friendship, the laughter, the moments we share show me over and over again then I can never leave the Kingdom of God. I love you all very much.

College mates

For my classmates, we got 6 more years together. =) Let’s make them count. Fiona, thank you for our many emo-talk sessions. Who knew the random drawing would end up in both of us being so similar in nature being roommates as well? Jane, I’m looking forward to all our classes especially with our first successful result-faking physics practical. =P I’m bringing food next time, I’m becoming hungry like you. HAHA! Yen Jing, for those midnight girl talk times, gosh, we all really can talk about ANYTHING don’t we? =P Wan Xin, wah you so responsible I also paiseh la beside you. Eldest sister hor, when we go India, I know who’ll be the one telling us to CLEAN OUR ROOMS. Haha! Hsiang Ling, I do hope I get to spend more time with you because you and Mummy will be leaving us sooner. Chien Wei, thank you for always helping me send me back. =) Both of us mia from house 2 but I think we still count as honorary members of the house right, right? (Be nice the rest of you. HAHA!) MUUUUMMMMYYY!!! You’re so lovable and I feel so comfortable around you. I failed during Tron but I will be back to try again! MUAHAHAHAHA! =P Though I heard you stayed awake for Despicable Me. HAH! I TOLD YOU IT’S GOOD! Ab, you come under here too. I’m very very very glad there’ll be another Seafieldian together for the whole of our MBBS programme. Whenever we have the urge to reminisce, we’re covered for the next 6 years. =)

Special Mention

For those of you who helped me through those very, very dark days. Jas and Dree I’ve mentioned. =) For the Bliss and the pillow slamming moments. Hui Ting for the unexpected meeting during the Worship Conference. For sharing your heart and what you went through helped me so much more than I can ever say. You’re right, the most beautiful of rainbows come after the heaviest of storms. You were one of those rainbows. =) Mira, I don’t know how I could’ve ever done it without you. =) No matter what happens, yes, we’ll always be friends. Because at the end of the day, losing someone I’ve known for most of my life is never worth it. Selva, for NS. =) I’m sure I wasn’t the easiest to handle but you were there anyway. Darren, thank you for all the comfort you gave. And there were many of them. Haha! I really appreciate all the kindness you’ve shown me. =) James, for putting up with my many disappearances, I hoped I have explained fully. Thank you for staying a good friend to me. It means very much to me.

And you

If you see this. Thank you. For the moments we shared. The year was what it was because of you. ‘Who can say if I’ve been changed for the better, but because I knew you, I have been changed for good’. I wish you every happiness. Goodbye.

Writing this makes me so overwhelmed and thankful to God for everything He has done for me in my life this year. I thought I only had a few things to say but it turned out that this was just one way for Him to show me the richness of the friendships I had this year. Thank you, all of you, for making my year so special. =)

Happy New Year 2011.

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Jonathan Tey said...

=) Happy new year Tze

Rachel Rose said...

Tze Quan! I can't explain how blessed I am in knowing you :) i've always had so much respect for you because of your discipline in studies(you smarty pants!), your relationship with God and your leadership! you are truly one amazing woman. You have been a wonderful cell leader all this while and i nvr knew God would make me one too, temporarily la xD I always thought i couldn't be a cell leader, honestly. Thanks for having so much faith in me :) It was really fun getting to know you, if i had not gone to Tronoh, i'm sure we would've become real good close friends :) You are an inspiration to everyone who knows you. Your growing to be more beautiful too! love the new hair (maybe its not new but i haven't seen you in a while) hehe. you look great in bangs :D
anyways, i hope our friendship will continue to grow. thank you for the lovely post :) love you lots! <3

HayateLeong said...

Tze Quan. Happy is not enough to be expressed if it were to explain what is inside me. The feeling of joy a friend can bring is more than any that I can ask for. Have a Happie 2011 and hope all your dreams and wishes come true. God Bless.....XD

Rachel Yeong (t.r.a.g) said...

Tze, Tze, Tze.....U did better than me in my video..I'm just forever blessed when i think back aboout 2010 and Ns. It was a bomb!!! I can proudly say that Ns has brought me closer to God. That song of yours spoke to me so deeply "like a handprint on my hear" thats what u'll b. Thank you!!

Rachel Yeong (t.r.a.g) said...

OWH BOY..... it was meant to be heart. I am sure you know it rite?? hahaha... GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!

shen said...

TZE QUAN!!!! Love ya lots!! And yes we shall jam and learn together more about music & jazz! Glad that things are getting more settled for you in college.... (or i could be wrong :P) Keep up the great work! And whatever that comes in 2011, take it all in stride, keeping your head above your shoulders as you always do. Am very blessed to have you serve together for the Lord in NSt! You're a blessing to many of us! Keep your eyes on Jesus! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! :D

Anonymous said...

When i first found out u got into MSU as well, i was soooo relieved because AT LEAST there's one seafieldian who i can share my pain with. haha. Yesss, i love reminiscing with u, abt school.. ahhh fun :D GOSIPPING with u is a blast too :D hehehehe. And im glad i got someone who's gonna spend 6 yrs in india with me. Happy new year tze, and sorry for the late reply :)


A.RON said...

miss you loads too! at least someone understands me :)

Keith Woo said...

You're most welcome Mei Mei. You're truly a baby sister to me and you know I will look after you as one. Haha. You've grown in leaps and bounds and your best is still to come. Keep striving, keep pushing, keep growing and never surrender, never give in, never lose hope.